There is no denying that the world of watches is very much a man’s world. We at Anytime Watches do acknowledge that. Men buy more watches than do women, advertising seems to be predominantly about men’s watches, and watches for men generally dominate the horological landscape. Wristwatches for men really took off in the 1920s and 1930s and, since then, it is for them that watchmaking has been mostly focused. It could be argued that for many decades the women’s watch market was sidelined, a sideshow almost. Many women’s watches were too often merely downsized versions of men’s watches, with perhaps some diamonds or semi-precious stones thrown in to make them more ‘feminine’.
Even more exciting for women who love watches is that, in recent years, watchmaking has entered into an era of contemporary, often even quite complex watches for women. Today, a woman can choose from a range of complicated mechanical watches, including a world time, a travel time, chronographs, a skeletonised movement and an annual calendar.
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